Tango Dancers!

You know what I’ve realised over the years?

That the confidence you learn from being a strong, independent tanguera, shows outside of the dance-floor.

At least it was the case for me.

Once I became more independent and willing to express myself dancing in the arms of a partner, I became more independent and willing to express myself in real life too.

So I really see my work as empowering women to express themselves, and believe that powerful female dancers will change the world (yes, in all humility, that’s why I created tango space…;-))

But at the beginning (or not so much at the beginning in my case), ladies are not sure how to ‘Express Themselves: isn’t following the lead more important?’

I’ve struggled with that so much! You tell me Tango is Freedom, but how am I free if I have to follow?!?

In this video, I’d like to share a ‘Change of Concept’ that changed my approach. it’s a small, simple semantic tweak but it completely changed my dancing.

So let’s take ONE word off your dancing vocabulary, shall we?

We hope it helps,

Much love,

Pablo & Anne

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