Dear Dancer,

I don’t know if you noticed…

But our dancing is quite simple.

We’ll rarely teach you fancy volcadas or crazy sacada combinations.

We prefer focusing on the quality of the connection and the journey in-between the steps.

We’ve lost students because of that – some people are really excited by the steps, and it’s ok. To each their own 😉

What Pablo does masterfully, yet, is take simple steps and elevate them: with musicality, with an interesting use of the cross system, with a different way to lead…

This is one of the tools we’d like to explore with you today:

The difference between leading from the movement or leading from the intention.

In this week’s video lesson, we look at a simple tango combination, and show you how you can lead it two ways:

  • The simplest way: the leader & the follower move together (leading from the movement)
  • The more ‘sophisticated’ way: sometimes, the follower moves but the leader doesn’t (leading from the intention)

Let’s look at it together.

We hope it helps.

Thank you so much for watching!

Keep learning, and keep sharing your dancing, because the world of tango needs your embrace.

Much love,

Pablo & Anne