How do I use the tango movements I learn in class… in a milonga?!? 

Do you find the transition between class and milonga a bit challenging sometimes…?

Do you feel that you can manage in class, enjoy getting challenged and learning with all of your partners “on the same page”… and find yourself losing your confidence when you go dancing socially…?

Maybe you go “into your head” when you’re dancing in milongas, and find it hard to connect with your partners?

And you want to offer a beautiful dance to your partner but you’re not sure how to adapt the movements you learn in class to the social dancefloor?

That’s a very common Tango challenge!

Our students ask us all the time about how they can adapt the movements they learn to the milonga…

And it’s true that understanding how to transition from the Learning to the Dancing is a skill and can have a huge impact on how much you enjoy dancing tango!

Here is what we always say to our students about Using the tango movements they learn in class to the Milonga

In the video below you will learn:

  • The three different spaces that we have in tango and how to use them
  • how to bring the movements you learn in class to the milonga by combining them with your walking
  • What experienced tango dancers are looking for in a partner and how you can relax in simple movements!

Click on the video to watch

Now we would love to hear from you:

Do you have a special ‘trick’ you do to transition from class to milonga?

Let us know in the comments section.

Much love,

Pablo & Anne

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