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Tango Confidence Online Course

The only tango programme of its kind, which not only shows you how to improve the quality of your dancing with a comprehensive step-by-step plan, but also gives you regular exercises to practice at home, even if you don’t have a partner

By the end of this program,
you will have:

•Refined your technique for more elegance on all the fundamentals (walk, embrace, pivots)

•Added power and control to your tango walk

•Found stability and beauty in the ochos and all circular movements

•Developed your ability to connect with anyone

•Brought sophistication to your dancing with the cross-system

Expanded your possibilities by moving seamlessly from close to open embrace

•Learned how to create new shapes by connecting the free leg to the embrace

•Developed your musicality by adding pausing throughout your dance


•Learned how to dance common tango movements in new, creative ways

But above all else, Tango Confidence Online Course will have given you the confidence to dance more and express yourself with tango

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What our students say
about our working with us

Doris & Janos

Now we have better connection, and more energy” 


“Connection and musicality: these details really add value and quality to your dance”


“I’m allowing myself to enjoy it now.”


“It’s a big step from where I was before to where I am now.”


“I feel much more confident going up & asking a partner to dance with me”


“Every time it is a joy to come”

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