Okay, picture this…

It’s Saturday evening. You’ve put on your most beautiful clothes, show up at your favorite milonga, greet your tango friends, put on your shoes…

You’re already getting excited listening to the beautiful music that’s playing but instead of feeling worried you won’t be able to fully express the music, you’re confident and happy knowing you get to be in the flow with the music.

The steps? You don’t even need to think about them.

Without feeling boring, disconnected from the music, or frustrated because you feel like you’re always *dancing the same way*

Doesn’t that sound even dreamier than dancing with Javier Rodriguez?


Seriously, that’s the beauty of knowing how to change dynamics in your dancing. And while you might feel like it would take you years to learn how to master tango musicality — Let’s get started with a simple step… but play with it in a big way.

In this video, we show you how to take a simple step you know – the Americana – and transform it to breathe new life out of it.

Look, we know: playing with dynamics is not always easy. It involves a lot of connection, anticipating the musical phrase, communicating well with your partner.

But let’s break it down together, will you?

In this video, we cover:

  • How to change the Americana so you use this common movement in a new way (oh, yeah…)
  • How the follower wants to react when the leader is suddenly dancing faster
  • How to add a full stop to your dancing -and more!

We really hope it helps!


Pablo & Anne

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