Tango Dancer,

“How can I practice if I don’t have a partner?”

Ambitious tango students ask us variations of this question at least once a week.

They assume that tango = partner dance = partner practice.

No one ever told them that individual practice can be even more valuable for their tango journey.

Did you just breathe a massive sigh of relief?

If you are a tango dancer, it is likely that this sneaky little assumption has stopped you from becoming the dancer you can be. Well, not anymore!

Yes, making friends and practicing with partners is definitely important in tango (yay for connection and feelings) but it is not really what will transform your dancing.

What really matters is your posture, balance, and individual technique.

When you have balance, great dissociation, body awareness and strength, it becomes waaaay easier to dance with a partner.

That’s why we want to offer you an exercise we love today.

It’s simple but oh-so-good… Do it properly and it will help you get stronger core, more flexibility, improved body awareness and better alignment.

What’s more, you can easily sneak it into your daily busy life.

What’s not to love?

Click on the video to watch 2 versions of this simple all-encompassing exercise.

We really hope it helps!


Pablo & Anne

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