Hi dancer,

There are a lot of assumptions out there when it comes to tango steps…

…that there is a ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ way to dance a movement

…that the fancier and more sophisticated the step, the better

…that once we have learned a movement, we don’t need to revisit it

None of these things are true, but today we want to focus on that last one. Because you actually benefit a lot from revisiting movements you know.

It’s when you work on the little details that make a difference that you tango overall feels and looks better. And that’s when you become more confident in your dancing!

We love revisiting movements we have practiced over and over again because:

1. Being very comfortable with the steps makes dancing them in milongas so much easier (you body is working with muscle memory, and you can concentrate on dancing to the music)

2. We know how important it is in the tango world to be reassured that we look good (it’s not about looking perfect, but, you know… knowing you look quite elegant on the dance floor feels good!)

In this week’s video, we’re digging into 4 important (and surprising) tips designed to make your sandwichito steps (we know you know them!:)) more elegant and feeling more connected.

Click on this video to watch:

  • How the leader can look more elegant and he/she does the sandwichito (hint: it has to do with his heels!)
  • What a comfortable, connected and elegant parada looks like
  • How followers can use the embrace to feel more in control and decorate more comfortably
  • The common mistake we see that block the connection, and how to avoid it

PS: And that’s not all!

If you like this video, we have a special bonus for you and really don’t want you to miss it. 

We also have a special free guide: 3 ways to adapt your sandwichito to the tango music.

If you’re never really sure how to listen to the music, this is for you!

In this free video guide, we give you tips to adapt your sandwhichito to the music, so you can make your dancing more surprising, musical and connected.

Added bonus: once you master it in the sandwichito, it’s easy to bring this to the rest of your dancing!

Click here to access the guide: https://tango-space.lpages.co/freebie…

We really hope it helps!

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Keep learning, and keep sharing your dancing, because the world of tango needs your embrace.

Much love,

Pablo & Anne

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