Dear dancer,

For the end of 2019, let’s rewind a bit, will you?

It’s Wednesday evening way back in 2013… I have just left a milonga, and instead of having that high I usually get from dancing, I feel insecure and frustrated.

See, I’ve decided to improve my tango recently… so I’m careful about my technique and applying what I’ve learned in class.

But somehow I still seem to keep falling when I’m dancing.

You know the feeling?

When you don’t really feel comfortable in the dance… and have the dreaded feeling that your partner is not having an amazing time either…

(I know that as tango teachers we’re supposed to be all positive and encouraging, but we can get real, can’t we? This happens and it’s not so nice…)

Looking back, I know that it was mainly because I was losing my balance when pivoting.

And that it’s completely normal at the beginning of your tango journey.

That’s why we filmed today’s video:

We’re giving you 7 tips to help you be more balanced when pivoting – for leaders and followers obviously.

So if you feeling wobbly in your pivots sometimes or ever lost balance or momentum in the the dance and you want to feel more grounded during your pivot.

Then click on this video:

You’ll see, once you feel more balanced when dancing, the feeling of worry and uncertainty disappears.

You’re able to relax, connect better and play more when you are dancing.

So let’s get your pivots super grounded together.

In our Free How To Pivot Better Guide we teach you a simple step-by-step exercise to practice balance, dissociation and momentum in your pivots – so you can play more when you are dancing.

Click here to download it:

We really hope it helps!

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Thank you so much for watching!

Keep learning, and keep sharing your dancing, because the world of tango needs your embrace.

Much love,

Pablo & Anne

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