Hello dancer,

Just wanted to reach out and say how grateful we are to have you in our community.

We may be all about teaching you our tango technique secrets, musicality tips and connection favorites…

But the REAL beauty of tango (and our job) comes down to how empowered and creative you are on the dancefloor afterwards…

… and committed to always trying new ways to dance.

So we’re curious.

What would make you feel more creative in your dancing? More unapologetically yourself on the dancefloor?

For some of you, it will be better technique, some of you will choose to improve your understanding of tango music, and others will want to forget about all this and focus on connection…

Whatever it is for you, we know you like interesting ways to dance the movements you know.

You know… to shake things up a bit!

So this week, we’d like to share with you new ways to dance the ocho cortado.

We know that you know this movement well.

We love it too.

So this week we’re sharing with you 3 unusual ways to dance it…

…including how to dance it when the music is slower…

…and how to add a decoration for some ladies’ power on the dancefloor 🙂

Click on the video to watch it

We really hope it helps!

Pablo & Anne

PS: The Intensive Tango Weekend 2020 is sold out! If you’re looking to fast-track your tango learning and are interested in our next retreats, sign-up here to be notified in advance: https://freetangoclass.tango-space.co…

(next one coming up in Octobre 2020)

Do you sometimes lose the connection or the rhythm in the ocho cortado? If you want to make your ocho cortado more fluid and more elegant, we’ve created a free guide for you. Our Free Correct The 3 Common Ocho Cortado Mistakes Guide will help you identify common mistakes most dancers make and find ways to easily correct them if you need to – so that your dancing is more organic and you can truly be in the flow of the music. Click here to download it: https://bit.ly/381NqbK 

Are you ready to take your tango to the next level?


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