Only for us to feel

Yes, tango is beautiful and some couples are graceful, glamorous, mesmerizing….

And in the tango world, where the milonga has its eyes glued to the dancefloor and youtube videos, the pressure to look good is high. If I don’t dance well enough, he will never invite me again. If I am not musical enough, she will never accept my cabeceo. Are my shoes ok? The little voices in our heads go on and we even stop listening to the music.

But let’s be honest: not everyone can be Geraldine Rojas and Javier Rodriguez. Yet it’s easy to forget what lies at the core of tango: The embrace, the feeling, the connection. Except if we are famous performers, when we dance tango, it is not for the rest of the world but for us and our partner. So if this ocho didn’t land exactly where it was supposed to, the dress is not a real tango dress, or the leg not as graceful as it could be, well, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters? How you feel, and how your partner feels. Light, fluid, happy and connected – to your own world and to the music.

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