Tango dancer,

Let’s go in for a bit of fun this week, will you?

We’d like to invite you to forget about technique and perfect posture, and instead simply go with the flow of the music.

We sometimes see our students spend soooo much time wondering if they’re “getting it right” when dancing that they can’t enjoy the learning process anymore.

If you’re like them, we love that you care so much about becoming a great dancer!

But don’t let that rob you from the joy of moving without thinking and dancing.

So, just for this week, we’re teaching you a movement that is a bit challenging for a reason: we’d like to simply invite you to try it out in the most relaxed way, and accept whatever result comes out of it.

Maybe you’ll get that beautiful Boomerang feeling that is at the heart of this movement, maybe not today.

Either way is fine! You’ll be working on improving your technique later on (especially… if you’re joining us for the Tango Confidence Online Course starting in February).

(if it works beautifully in your dancing, know that this is a super useful movement to dance on the spot in a milonga)

Click on the video to dance that cool Girada movement with us.

We really hope this helps!

Keep learning, and keep sharing your dancing, because the world of tango needs your embrace.

Pablo & Anne

PS. Are you sometimes not sure how to improvise without thinking when you’re dancing? Have you ever been worried that you are not “getting it right”? Would you like to improvise without thinking and feel in the flow of the music when you’re dancing tango?

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