Some things change – like milonga venues and classes times – and some don’t and never will… Like Pablo’s view of Tango for example. This VIDEO was filmed a few years ago, when Tango Light on Tuesday was still at the Light Bar in Shoreditch, and what Pablo says is still how he lives and breathes Tango today… A few quotes:

“It’s amazing how tango gives you the chance to leave the world behind for 3 minutes, and just dance and forget about everything”

“Tango is kind of like a family. Every week you see the same people, always with new people as well, but it’s like a family. And we organize milongas to make people feel like they are at home, like they are dancing in their living-room.”

“we teach more traditional, more milonguero style because the milongas are always busy and I cannot teach movements that people cannot do in the social dance”

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