Not sure whether you should start dancing tango? 

We’ve compiled our 10 favorite reasons to start dancing today. And yes, there are even more!

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1. The music

Enter a milonga and the world vanishes… you’re swept into another era, when orchestras played all night the powerful and sophisticated rhythms of tango all night long. The tango music is intriguing, beautiful, demanding,… and will take you further into your soul than you ever imagined!

2. The people

Welcome to a new community! Tango dancing is the opportunity to share wonderful danced moments with beautiful people… It is also a great place to meet new people who, after so many shared classes, tandas and milongas, become close friends!

3. The connection

That’s our little secret, our uniqueness, our specialty. No other dance will bring you that feeling…. Connection is when the powerful yet delicate alchemy that exists between two dancers takes the dancing to another level. Whatever your level or your role in the dance, you’re transported into new heights. Like falling in love with your best friend while eating chocolate cookies, that type of thing. It is the tango hook that makes us crave more….

4. The muscles

Feeling a bit on the floppy side lately? Tango will take care of that. Dancing all night at a milonga is the equivalent of a 5-hours mountain hike… with turns and beautiful music included. You’ll soon learn how to use your core muscles for balance and your legs for power and fluidity on the dance floor…

5. The elegance

There’s a reason why us tango lovers spend so much time in classes! Tango is incredibly elegant and we’re all aiming for a beautiful posture, fluidity and ease, while performing crazy back ochos and giros. Translate that into the real world, and you can spot a tango dancer from far away. Muscle memory doesn’t work only in classes, and in our daily lives we’re straighted, more relaxed, and, dare I say, happier?

6. Soulful saturday nights

You can forget the awkward evenings in a noisy night club, unsure about what to do with yourself (yes, we’ve been there too). We have beautiful milongas all year round where you can come and dance, meet friends, sip some wine in a relaxed and happy setting. Think Glamour meets Soul, with a twist of Old Age.

7. The people-watching

I could have called this “the beauty”. Sometimes in milongas we just want to sit and watch. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching two people dancing together and looking absolutely connected. Add to that the fact that tango dancing has evolved to make dancers look amazingly good, and you get a sense of why people-watching becomes addictive….

8. Leaving the world behind

In a world that never stops, tango offers the opportunity to take a moment to let go and be fully present, connected to someone. For the time of a tanda, we focus completely on the person we’re dancing with, the music, and our dancing. We leave the world behind, one song at a time. No need for meditation classes when you’re a dancer, you’ve got your tango…

9. The best of drugs

Watch out! Take a few tango classes, start going to milongas, feel the connection, and you’ll probably get addicted… but what a beautiful, healthy addiction dancing is!

10. The travels

It started out as a small community of dancers in Buenos Aires at the turn of the 20th century, evolved, almost vanished in the 70s, then gradually came back… today tango is danced all over the world. Advantage one: wherever you go, you can now plan a tango night in your travels. Advantage two: the tango trips! The ones you take with tango friends to a new place with the main aim of dancing. Told you we lead a glamorous life….

Wonderful, right?

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