Dear tango dancer,

Technique exercises: Need them for your tango, don’t love them half the time.

We knooooow.

You’d rather dance with a partner, and feel that “OMG-I’m-flying” feeling that comes with a good tanda.

But as a dancer you MUST practice and train on your own.

Ask yourself: “How can I dance a movement beautifully with a partner if I can’t do it on my own?”

In today’s video, Pablo is bringing you exercises full of goodness.

Look, he’s teaching you exercises to decorate during the tango turns, with Lapiz, and Enrosques…

(if you don’t know what we’re speaking about, don’t worry, he’ll show you in the video)

… and these are SO helpful not *only* if you are a leader looking to up your tango turns – they’re all the about the whole game, for leaders and followers.

Practice them, and they’ll help you become more balanced throughout the dancing (very helpful if you feel wobbly when you’re dancing sometimes), and develop your body awareness for better dissociation and organic pivots.

Believe me, Pablo has the answers!

I really hope this helps!


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