Looking for an easy & personal gift for one of your favorite people this Chrismas? Choose self-expression, connection, friendship & artistic beauty…. and offer the Gift of Tango

Who You Are

You are the friend, partner, or family member of a someone who loves to dance…. You have heard them go on and on about Tango, and how they would like to try it or go back to it.

What You Need Right Now

You want to offer them a special gift this Christmas. Something that feels personalized, special and also makes them jump with joy.

How We Can Help You

Our Tango Christmas Vouchers are an easy way to offer a personalized gift. You can also be sure to make the best choice: the lessons are taught by Pablo or Anne, our head teachers, who have years of dancing and teaching experience.



Click on ‘Learn More’ to learn more and purchase each voucher. Upon purchase you will receive a gift certificate will all our contact details so they can book their classes when fits their needs. Christmas gifts can be dated from the 25th of December (simply drop us a note at tangospace@hotmail.com after payment to notify us).


For any questions about your gift, you can contact us at info@tangospace.co.uk or call Pablo on 07799535140. We’d love to hear about your gift and see if we can help.