Tango dancer,

There’s this “paradox” happening in the tango world…

We see strong, independent women coming to class. They have a successful career, a busy life, lots of friends, great control of their body…

They rock!

And then, suddenly…

They’re asked to become “tango followers” and are afraid of doing everything wrong!

I’ve been there.

One of the questions I get asked the most when we start teaching decorations to ladies is “but am I allowed to do that?”

“Won’t I disturb the lead?”

“And if so… is it ok?”

Look, tango’s the best of both worlds: we want you to go beautifully with the flow of the lead, and we also want you to feel in control.

And decorations is one of the ways we have to do just that.


We explain exactly that in this week’s video.

Click on the video to learn:

  • The 3 types of decorations you can add to your dancing
  • When it is ok to “impact” the lead with your decorations and how
  • The moment in the dance when you **really** want to decorate

(Men, we invite you to have a watch – understanding how you can give more space to your partner is a key skill of a great tango dancer)

We hope it helps!

PS: Do you sometimes feel that your decorations are “always the same”?

Do you wish you had more ideas on how to decorate?

Eager to express the music?

If yes, we’ve thought about you!

Our free ‘5 decorations for the parada’ Guide will show you 5 easy and different decorations you can add to your parada… so you can be even more in the flow of the music.

Click here to access the guide: https://freetangoclass.tango-space.co…

Are you ready to take your tango to the next level?


Improve the quality of your dancing with our online tango course:

5 steps to find power and elegance in the embrace


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