Hey there, tango dancer

I’m sure you agree that not ALL tango movements are created equal, right?

If you’re just getting started with tango dancing (and even if you’ve been at it for a while) that sentence might feel more anxiety provoking than a backed up airport security line.

Because when it comes to tango movements, there is no shortage of options and potential ideas, but one thing’s for sure… you want your partner to love it.

It is so frustrating when you want to add a new move to your dancing, only for your partner to feel and feel confused.

Combined, we’ve been teaching for over 25 years and have come up with more new ways of combining tango movements than we can remember.

(If you’re wondering if we get tired of it, we don’t)

And sometimes, through all of our experiments, there is this one sequence that we love. We love dancing it, and we love teaching it.

We know it feels great in the dance, and that it is just technical enough to keep our students challenged and inspired.

On today’s video, we’re walking you through how you can use the ‘Cambio De Frente’ (if you don’t know what it is yet, prepare for delight!) to move across the dance floor.

It’s sensual, powerful, connected… everything we love about a tango movement.

Click on the video below, to watch how you can move forward in a more sophisticated way.

If you want to add more flow in your dancing and loved this movement, we have a cool guide for you!

Learn 3 fun news ways to resolve after the cambio de frente… so that the leader doesn’t have to think and easily goes back to the line of dance.

Click here to download the guide: https://freetangoclass.tango-space.co…

We really hope it helps!


Pablo & Anne

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