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Tango Training: A Simple Exercise For Better Dissociation, Strength & Posture (At Home Practice)

Tango Dancer, “How can I practice if I don’t have a partner?” Ambitious tango students ask us variations of this question at least once a week. They assume that tango = partner dance = partner practice. No one ever told them that individual practice can be even more valuable for their tango journey. Did you […]

Tango Walking: A 4-Step Process To Improve Your Tango Walk (Tango Technique)

Dear tango dancer, There are A LOT of contradicting assumptions out there when it comes to the tango walk … that it’s only for beginners and once you’ve learned it you should focus on more sophisticated steps … that the importance of mastering your tango walking has been “invented” by tango teachers to keep having work… … or, […]

Tango Ocho Cortado: 3 Less Common Variations {New Steps}

Hello dancer, Just wanted to reach out and say how grateful we are to have you in our community. We may be all about teaching you our tango technique secrets, musicality tips and connection favorites… But the REAL beauty of tango (and our job) comes down to how empowered and creative you are on the […]

Tango Intention: How To Keep A Connected Embrace Throughout The Dance

Tango dancer, What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Tango is all about connection… not about the steps”? Looking back, I can see when the shift happened in my own dancing. When I decided that I would focus on connection and being in the flow with my partner and chose *not* to be […]

Tango Variation: Changing Dynamics In The Americana (For Musicality)

Okay, picture this… It’s Saturday evening. You’ve put on your most beautiful clothes, show up at your favorite milonga, greet your tango friends, put on your shoes… You’re already getting excited listening to the beautiful music that’s playing but instead of feeling worried you won’t be able to fully express the music, you’re confident and […]

Tango Embellishments: 3 Ways To Decorate (Follower’s Role)

Tango dancer, There’s this “paradox” happening in the tango world… We see strong, independent women coming to class. They have a successful career, a busy life, lots of friends, great control of their body… They rock! And then, suddenly… They’re asked to become “tango followers” and are afraid of doing everything wrong! I’ve been there. […]

Simple, Sensual and Smooth: How to do a Double Planeo (tango steps)

We all have something in tango that we are known for. No I’m not speaking about the fact that you’re the last one standing at every milonga or your ability to name every song the DJ plays (though if it’s the case I’m impressed!)… but rather the quality that you bring to your dancing. Some […]

Tango or not Tango? How To Keep The Physical Connection (3 Common Mistakes)

Tango dancer, We often say that people come to tango for the movements, and stay for the connection… Can you relate?!? Our theory is that it is such a surprisingly challenging dance, that we stick to it once we have felt the incredible warmth, power and intimacy of a connected embrace. There are so many […]

Tango Turns: Giro with Acceleration (Molinete)

Tango dancer, Do you know that moment at the end of the tango songs when the music speeds up? It’s called the variation. It’s the moment when I used to ‘panic’ and do too much, anticipate, lose my balance… whereas tango is inviting us to stay grounded and speed up in a controlled way… So, […]

Tango Embrace: How to Start and Finish a Tango (Tips to Better Connection)

Dear dancer, There is this big thing in Tango about “looking the part”. Have you ever sat at a milonga table looking in awe at those dancers on the dance floor and wondering how they look so “at ease” in this world? Most of them don’t seem to do anything you couldn’t, they don’t dance […]