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Tango Leaders Technique, Giro Enrosque & Lapiz (Balance, Dissociation, Control)

Dear tango dancer, Technique exercises: Need them for your tango, don’t love them half the time. We knooooow. You’d rather dance with a partner, and feel that “OMG-I’m-flying” feeling that comes with a good tanda. But as a dancer you MUST practice and train on your own. Ask yourself: “How can I dance a movement […]

Change Your Tango: 3 Fun Ways To Dance The Medio-Giro {Play More}

Dear Tango Dancer, Worried your partner will be bored when dancing with you? Looking to shake things up in your dancing? Want to add some flair to your tango… easily? In this video, we show simple ways to make your tango more fun and more playful with 3 variation of one of tango’s most common […]