Tango dancer…


You’ve worked hard!

You’ve practiced a lot in class & practicas, taken technique workshops, even maybe invested time & money in private classes…

You’ve worked on alignment & core muscles, have done countless projection exercises on your own to improve your balance…

And now that you are finally stable in your dance… your partner is losing his/her balance! aaaaaaaah… (we’re with you 🙂 )

Thing is, your partner losing their balance is something that will happen often in your tango journey. What we need to do in those cases is adapt and compensate

How? In the video below you will learn:

  • Three tips we always tell our students to help them stay stable even if their partner is losing his/her balance
  • How you, ladies can send a strong signal to your partner to invite him to slow down and ‘protect’ your balance
  • A tip to use to keep your posture straight when you feel we are losing your balance in the dance

Now we would love to hear from you:
Do you have a special thing you do when your partner is losing his or her balance in the dance? What is it? Please let us know in the comments below.

Much love,

Pablo & Anne

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