How we dance…

For us, tango is about connection:  through dancing and music, socialising, and opening-up to our partners and another culture… Feelings, respect, self-discovery, and joy are more important for us than impressive sequences on the dance-floor.



1. We believe that dancing with your heart is more important than dancing with a perfect technique.

2. Music is at the heart of our dancing. When we are dancing, we are not expressing ourselves: we are expressing the music

3. We focus on tango for social dancing. We teach movements that can be danced in the context of a crowded milonga.

4. When we prepare a tango show, we keep the essence of tango: even with more dramatic movements, we focus on the journey in-between the steps and connection.

5. We do not believe that there is only one ‘true’ tango: the Milonguero, Salon, Nuevo styles… are all part of one dance.

6. Milongas are social events where we go to meet people and enjoy beautiful music. Dancing comes naturally with the joy of it.

7. Floorcraft is one of the most important skills to learn in a tango journey: it is a mark of respect for the people dancing around us

8. We are all responsible for keeping the world of tango friendly and welcoming




If you feel that you relate to our philosophy of dancing come and say hello in our classes!