Hi Tango Dancer,
Want to make your tango dancing more sophisticated?!?

The tango walk in cross-system is sophisticated, elegant, sensual…it is also super helpful to change directions in the dance!

Yet it is so different from walking in parallel system that it can be a challenge to do well!

In this video we explain the difference between parallel and cross-system by sharing our special easy tips to make your Tango walk in cross-system super elegant… so you can vary the possibilities in your dancing!

Click on the video to learn:

  • How leaders want to use their torso to signal a cross-system walk to their partner
  • 2 tips to help you, ladies, share your axis and stay more connected with the man in cross-system
  • How **where** your step changes from parallel to cross-system H
  • How the embrace of the man/leader changes too

(side note: your core muscles will work more than usual… but that’s a good thing!)

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We really hope it helps,

Pablo & Anne

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