Tango Dancer…

Eager to dance better in close embrace?

Want to take it to the next level?

Here’s something you might not be aware of…

It’s possible that you feel quite ‘heavy’ on your partner… especially if you’re a leader.

It’s not your fault! You’ve been doing what your teachers have been telling you: leading with the chest…

Unfortunately, that can lead to one little bad habit that can make your dancing quite uncomfortable to your partner.

Fear not, it’s super easy to correct! Actually, we’ve just worked exactly on that at the Intensive Tango Weekend, with one simple exercise.

In this video, we tell you:

  • What bad habit can come from ‘leading from the chest’
  • How to reframe your thinking so your leading feels more comfortable, and also more powerful
  • How simple exercise you can do have a much more ‘organic’ and ‘fluid’ way to lead and follow

We hope it helps.

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Much love,

Pablo & Anne

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