Intensive Tango Weekend In Paris – 8-9-10 May 2020:

Elegance & Creativity: Trust creates confidence

Join us for 3 days in Paris in Spring 2020 and discover the 6 easy modules you need to use to be elegant and creative in your tango… so that you can truly dare to go for the dance.

We are now sold out for followers. We still have 9 spaces for leaders


In 3 days you’ll transform your dancing to dance socially with confidence: you will look elegant, feel relaxed and play more on the dancefloor… so that your partners always come back for more

    • 3 days of teaching full-packed with exercises, new movements and technique tips
    • 6 simple ‘modules’ to help you dance more elegantly, find better balance, get clarity on posture, alignment & musicality, feel more confident and more creative in your dancing
    • 2 Guided practicas
    • 1 “All of Your Questions answered” practica, where all of your remaining tango questions (if any) will be answered
  • 1 personalized assessment to help you identify the one thing to work on, to take your tango to the next level

And also:

    • Recommended Milongas for Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday
    • Please arrive on Thursday evening to join our Welcome drinks
  • We’ll also share the best places to hang out in Paris… (Parisian insider secrets:))… so you can slurp delicious coffee or indulge in cool Parisian shopping in-between classes. 

Important, practical details:

    • Only limited spaces available 
    • Gender Balanced Guaranteed so you are sure to have a partner
  • Minimum level required: at least 6 months of dancing


You helped me by pointing out to me one are to improve to change my tango right now, so it was really great to focus just on that one thing.

So with this intensive weekend I could get more confidence, and now I feel more ready to launch into milonga dancing.”


It will definitely change my tango life, because we have taken so many notes.

We have so much material now, that we’ve got a great job to do now that this tango weekend is ending.”


Now I feel very confident. I just took my first video dancing.
We’ve covered so many things, but I what I really care about is that I got my confidence back.


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how followers can influence musicality



Module 1: Refining the Fundamentals: Walk – posture – alignment – ochos – clarity of the lead – balance

              • Improve the quality of your dancing with the correct posture
              • How small alignment changes in your ochos will give you better balance
            • How to walk powerfully in close embrace

Module 2: Balance, Power & Decorations in Giros (enrosques, lapiz)

              • The woman’s role in powering and balancing the giro (applying module 1 learnings for better balance)
              • Improving dissociation and posture for better balance
              • Using the frame to protecting the giro’s dynamics
              • Practice: enrosques & lapiz

Guided Practica – Elegance

            • Personalised feedback: Ask any question to the teachers who are present


Module 3: Using the flexibility of the embrace to play with dynamics: Movements with centrifugal energy

              • How, when and why to release the embrace
              • How sharing energy in the embrace creates more dynamics in the dance
              • How to use centrifugal energy to create new movements

Module 4: Playing with the Free leg & Creativity

              • Which part of the body should be relax for the leg to be completely free
              • How the leader’s frame controls the free leg
              • How to use the free leg to express the music
              • Practice game: developing your own creativity

Guided Practica – Creativity

          • Personalised feedback: Ask any question to the teachers who are present


Module 5: Creating a shared space of trust and understanding with your partner

              • How to connect better and be more in the flow with your partner
              • What the 5 points of connection are and how to use them in the dance
              • How to use connection in the embrace to create a more elegant dance
              • How to apply this to the rest of Tango music

Module 6: More sophistication in expressing the Music together: 3 styles of tango dancing

            • How and why not to worry about recognising the song or orchestra to develop musicality
            • What the main styles of tango dancing are and why you don’t want to dance them the same way
            • How to adapt your dancing to the different tango styles to add more creativity to your dance

Guided Practica – All your questions answered

            • We will cover any question that you might still


Really working on the key elements, the core stuff, really helps just improve everything else.

I’m going to have a lot of great dances out there that are just gonna be a hundred times better…

because I came out here and was taught by the best


Maintenant je me sens plus à l’aise pour m’adapter à différents partenaires.

Je me dis “tiens, c’est encore un danseur différent, il va faire ça différemment, mais il n’y a pas de souci, je vais pouvoir m’adapter”.


Now I feel like I’m more comfortable in close embrace and dancing with different styles of dancers.

I’m gonna be more comfortable dancing in milongas and socials, so that’s awesome.”

‘It is never about your talent. It is only about how much you practice”

Pablo & Anne

Janos & Doris

It solved so much. Now we have better connection, and more energy in the dance


It’s a big step from where I was before to where I am now.


These details really add value and quality to your dance


My tango life is completely transformed. I’m allowing myself to enjoy it now.


From hesitation to a lot more confidence and magical moments on the dance floor…


I feel that now I am part of the Tango Community