Hear What Our Students Have to Say About Working With Us at the Intensive Tango Weekend

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You focused on one of my default, you pointed it out to me, and then you just focused on improving that default, so it was really great to focus just on that one thing.

So with this intensive weekend I could get more confidence, and now I feel more ready to launch into milonga dancing.”


It will definitely change my tango life, because we have taken so many notes.

We have so much material now, that we’ve got a great job to do now that this tango weekend is ending.”


Now I feel very confident. I just filmed my first video dancing.
We’ve covered so many things, but I what I really care about is that I got my confidence back.


By really working on the key elements, the core stuff, really helps just improve everything else.

I’m going to have a lot of great dances out there that are just gonna be a hundred times better because I came out here and was taught by the best


Maintenant je me sens plus à l’aise pour m’adapter. Je me dis “tiens, c’est encore un danseur différent, il va faire ça différemment, mais il n’y a pas de souci, je vais pouvoir m’adapter”.


Now I feel like I’m more comfortable in close embrace and dancing with different styles of dancers.

I’m gonna be more comfortable dancing in milongas and socials, so that’s awesome.


It was a breakthrough to me in terms of some steps that I was always afraid to do. Here we spent two days working on four elemnts and finally I had the time to get a feeling of what I had to do. So I will not be afraid to try them next time i go to milongas.
So I got a real encouragement, by convincing myself that I am actually capable of doing those things.


“The one most important benefit was that intensivity, actually putting the time in, and practicing, getting feedback, it’s all of that combined… Of course, you do naturally improve with that environment.

If I continue to do that then I’ll get to being in a position where I’m really confident to dance.”


“I feel that I am part of the Tango Community”


“I came thinking I would be the worst of the group.. And actually, understanding the music, the different musicality, the feeling, and practicing each one, you build on more dance experience and you feel ‘oh, I can do this’. Now, I feel much more confident”


“I wasn’t expecting to gain all of these memories. Now I feel that I am part of much more than I had imagined. I feel that I am better than before I came, that if i focus a bit more, I can become a great dancer.”

Dorsi & Janos

“It solved so much. Now we have better connection, and more energy in the dance”


“Already we are feeling more confident.”


“My tango life is completely transformed. I’m allowing myself to enjoy it now”


“these details really add value and quality to your dance”


“A lot more confidence”


“I”m not frightened any longer”


“I’m definitely going to more milongas”

Intensive Tango Weekend In Paris – May 2020:

Elegance & Playfulness: Adapting to the music & your partner

Join us for 3 days in Paris in Spring 2020 and discover the 6 easy modules you need to use to be elegant and playful in your tango… so that you can truly dare to go for the dance.

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