Dear dancer,

If you’ve been dancing tango for some time you probably already know about the importance of the walk in tango dancing.

Indeed, our dance is a travelling dance: we move forward across the dancefloor to be one with the music.

Yet we also know that sometimes you want to walk when you’re dancing but you don’t have enough space in front of you.

So, you aren’t sure what to do – what steps to use, and how to flow with the music.

So, in this week’s video lesson, we teach you how to walk in a small space, so that you can practice at home or dance with ease in busy milongas… while staying true to the music.

Click on the video to learn:

  • How to walk on the spot in a milonga when you don’t have much space in front of you
  • How to become more aware of the social dancing environment and feel more at ease when dancing in a crowded milonga
  • How to be more precise when communicating in the close embrace so that you can lead and follow subtle movements

We hope it helps.

Thank you so much for watching!

Keep learning, and keep sharing your dancing, because the world of tango needs your embrace.

Much love,

Pablo & Anne