Key insights

  • 💃 Elegance in Tango is crucial, it’s all about the quality and how you do the movements and embrace.
  • 🩰 The key to elegant tango lies in maintaining contact with your feet, regardless of the pace of the dance.
  • 💃 It’s important for leaders to give the time and space for their followers to collect in tango, creating a strong connection and smooth transitions.
  • 💃 Lifting my center will make her have more space to collect, like I’m hanging her from the ceiling.
  • 💃 Be aware of the lines you are creating in Tango to maintain visual elegance and connection with your partner.
  • 🕺 Tango dancers should focus on creating long lines with their legs and not breaking the line of their ankle or foot for a more beautiful and elegant look.
  • 👫 Keeping the frame in the Tango Embrace not only looks elegant but also feels much more comfortable for your partner.