I’m a huge fan of rollercoasters.

I know they terrify some people, but I only see the fun in them.

In truth, they make me feel like I’m flying…

And it’s a feeling we think you’ll find when you dance with us in this week’s video lesson.

(minus the lack of control)

This week, we want you to challenge yourself a bit: we’re combining a cambio de frente with a sacada and a low boleo to create a fluid and beautiful movement.

One of the moments that we love in tango is when the follower turns around the leader. Practice this! It will help you be more precise and more connected in in your embrace.

Watch this week’s video lesson to learn:

  • How the leader can go around the leader in a beautiful way with the cambio de frente
  • How to create a sacada that is soft but where both dancers also stay grounded so you feel more comfortable in the embrace
  • How to adapt your embrace in circular movements so your partner stay on their axis and keeps the connection

Click on the video to watch!

We hope it helps.

Much love

Pablo & Anne