Bored of the old routine? Ready to move better, feel more creative and meet people?

‘In just two hours with our FREE Dance Elegantly & Make Friends Tango workshop’

Do you wish to move better, improve your posture and dance elegantly? Ready to meet new people and try something different? Looking for a dance that helps you make friend, and for a new passion outside of your career?

Do something different with us!

Here’s what you’ll learn through attending our FREE Dance Elegantly & Make Friends Tango workshop:

  • How to move elegantly, improve your posture, and feel more confident about the way you move.
  • Improve flexibility and strengthen your core muscles
  • Express yourself with a dance that is beautiful, creative and… improvised! Tango is all about freedom and self-expression… What better to let some steam off and forget about work?
  • Meet like-minded people who want to dance with you! You’ll meet people, find dance partners and make friends (so, no, you do not need a partner to attend but YES you can bring a friend)



Yes, I want to attend the FREE Dance Elegantly & Make Friends Tango workshop

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I have spent quite a while searching for tango lessons in London and, to be completely honest, was highly skeptical as to how effective group classes can be. However, Tango Space has proved my doubts to be erroneous and I am incredibly happy about the choice I’ve made. Pablo and Anne are absolutely amazing teachers – they manage to explain the steps in a very easy way, help you feel the music and adjust the movements to it, and above all this, give each of the student a sufficient amount of attention. Once joining Tango Space, you become part of a family, not just a trained group, and this is the reason why coming back is always so pleasant!

I have been trying few schools and I found mine! Teachers are very good and very friendly and funny! Everybody in class is very nice too, and you can pick most of each days of the week to practice! Locations are very central. Weekend workshops are very useful. Come and Join us! Hasta Pronto!