Tango dancer,

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in the close embrace – or worse – lost your balance while in the arms of your tango partner?

If yes, I used to, so I completely relate!

The uncomfortable truth, ladies, is that it is often our fault, and not our partner’s…

See, it’s easy for us to say that the lead wasn’t very clear.
Or that our partner was a bit too clumsy.
Or that when we are dancing with more experienced dancers, the dance flows so we should be okay with all partners…

This is all things I hear from my students all the time, and that I used to say.

Or, I used to beat myself up.

‘I should do more individual exercises at home’, ‘I have to strengthen my core muscles’, ‘it’s my posture, but I don’t know what my posture should be…’

I’d go on and on in my head, and meanwhile I still felt wobbly in the dance.

When in truth, it is both much simpler and more challenging than any of that:

It has to do with **where** you step.

Which translates into how precise you are in following the lead.

Which translates into how connected you are in the dance.

When you know about it, it’s simple… all you need to do now is be aware of it in your next tanda…

…and you’ll see how much more stable (and fun) your dancing will become!

Click on the video to learn why where you step impacts how wobbly (or not) you are in the close embrace, and how to change it to be more in the flow with your partner.

We really hope it helps!

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Thank you so much for watching!

Keep learning, and keep sharing your dancing, because the world of tango needs your embrace.

Much love,

Pablo & Anne

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