How to kill your business in a single blog post?

With the following piece of advice.

But hey, it’s incredibly important, so here we go…

We often have beginner/improver students coming to us asking for advice on how to learn dancing quicker. They are usually students who started dancing tango a couple of weeks ago, got bitten by the tango bug, and are dying to dance in milongas (and want to really rock* the tango dance floor)

So, in the past few weeks, they have stopped everything in their normal life (bye-bye pub nights and painting classes) to take as many classes as possible. They are usually the ones who arrive with a big smile, lots of energy and we love helping them improve.

Which is why the following advice is painful to say (and sometimes hear…):

How to fast track your tango learning journey?

“Take classes with as many different teachers as you can.”

Obviously, we love our students and want them to come back to our classes. But we know, too, that if they want to improve rapidly, they need to try out a lot of teachers.

Because all the good-quality teachers around here will each provide their own specific ‘teaching element’.

Some will teach more technique, others will focus on sequences, others on musicality.

By trying out a lot of teachers, you will learn different styles, new terminologies, you will have to adjust your axis depending on your embrace, you’ll be challenged by different explanations of the same concepts…

So, you need to go and pick what is working for you from each of us. Your tango will start becoming yours… and then you’ll have a lot of fun quick, I promise.

The happy thing for us is that the students who follow this advice usually come back to us after a few months to work deeper on their connection, technique and musicality. Our specialities. Welcome back 🙂

Wishing you a great tango-fast-tracking!



PS: One massively important side note here:

After a while, you’ll have found your style. Then, you need to take a step back from the crazy teacher-switching and focus on one teacher/couple (or at least one very specific style) until you feel that you have mastered it. Then you’ll be ready to move on to another one – otherwise it will be too confusing.

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