Where you’re at

You are living and/or working in London. You have a busy life, with a career you are proud of. You like getting challenged. But, you also do not want to spend all of your time behind a computer and feel that life is about more than work! You feel creative, and love the sense of well-being that comes with learning something new. You might have a partner who wants to dance with you, or not.

What you want right now

You are looking for an outlet for creative expression. You want to learn how to dance and get challenged, but also relax and meet people. You want a space where you can focus on your body and free your mind from your job. You want to meet new people to dance and connect with.

How we can help you with our group classes

Our group classes are the perfect way to combine getting challenged, learning how to dance elegantly, having fun and meeting people. They help you learn fast, as you become part of a community. As can choose the class that fits your schedule, they are great for people with busy schedules. It is also the most cost-effective way to learn.



Mondays at Pineapple in Covent Garden

  • Beginners Class 19:15 – 20:30 pm (Studio 5) + 15 Min. Practice time 

Click here to book your class: Pineapple

Pineapple Dance Studios

7 Langley St, London WC2H 9JA

  • One class (Drop-in): £12

(Tango Space Class Pass doesn’t include Tango class at Pineapple,

You can use your pass on Tuesdays and Fridays)

Tuesday 28th of May at Milonga Re!

*** Programme ***
18:00 Beginners Class with Pablo Rodriguez & Ewa Zbrzeska
19:00 Intermediate Tango Class with Pablo Rodriguez & Ewa Zbrzeska
TDJ: Diego Doigneau
Chef Rulo will be cooking the best Empanadas Argentinas 🙂
20:00 to 23:30 – Milonga
Come dance with us, discover this amazing venue, bring friends & have some drinks together 💃 🕺
How Much?
1 class £18 cash / £19 card
2 classes £30 cash /£31 card (Inc. Milonga)
1 class + milonga £25 cash / £26card
Only Milonga £12 cash / £13 card
Students £12 cash / £13 card (Inc. Milonga)
We want to elevate the tango experience in our Milongas El Boliche and Re!
Our Milongas has the spirit of Buenos Aires and for us it’s very important to transmit that to our dancers.
Please use cabeceo, respect the lines of the dance floor and other dancer around you, ensuring an authentic journey for our dancers. Your commitment makes the dance floor resonate with passion, essence and tradition. 🌟🕊️
2 Minutes walk from King’s Cross Station
Address: 6 St Chad’s Pl, London WC1X 9HH
The hug for Tuesdays 🙂
Friday 24th of May at Milonga El Boliche!
This Friday Viva La Pepa from Buenos Aires is coming to El Boliche 🙂 
Join us for the ultimate fusion of Pepa’s party vibes and El Boliche’s magic as Viva la Pepa Milonga takes over! Yeah! We are bringing a piece of Buenos Aires to London🤪
Pepa Milonga brings the party to El Boliche, blending Pepa’s energy with the magic of Boliche for a fun and celebration night!
*** Programme ***
19:00 – 20:00 Beginners / Improvers Tango Class With Pablo, Luis & Flor
20:00 – 21:00pm Special Intermediate / Advance Tango Class with Pepa Palazon
Topic: Musical Accents and Arrastre with Osvaldo Pugliese 
DJ: Pepa Palazon
Chef Rulo will be cooking Empanadas Argentinas, Choripan & Milanesas.
Chef Humberto will be baking classic plain Medialunas and with Dulce de Leche and plain.
Bar Tango with Ralph, Diana, Tom & Chris preparing super cocktails 🙂
Austin Friars London EC2N 2HA
🚇 Bank
🚇 Moorgate
🚇 Liverpool Street
Class & Milonga – £31 or £32 card
Milonga Only – £17 OR £18 (card payments)

Only Class – £13 cash / £14 Card
Class & Milonga – £25 cash / £26 card
If you wish to pre-book your table as always, just drop us a line on info@tangospace.co.uk
El Boliche 2024 es una fiesta 🙂


Tango classes london

“In my opinion Tango Space comes ahead of the pack In London and
it’s the one class I always go back to for that warm fuzzy ‘home’ feeling :)”

Monika Rudzeviciute

“the best thing about these classes are the teachers. I think they know how to get the best from you pushing you to do it better and better and at the same time being very gentle and patient when they have to correct you. They want us to learn properly, without flaws, right from the beginning and then from there keep learning”

Patricia Cazenave

“Pablo is a brilliant teacher. My level has improved since I started private lessons and I’m glad I chose him to teach me. He is considerate, patient, flexible, and a pleasure to dance with. the group classes are great too!”

Gaelle Claude

“I love those tango classes! Pablo and Anne are very skilled teachers and you can feel they love what they do. They are passionate about tango and very helpful to correct you, give good pieces of advice, etc. Atmosphere is very friendly, you will dance with many people what will only speed up your learning curve. Recomend!

Bernard Kujawski


Tango Space really hits the right balance. Classes are fun, friendly and varied but also pack some serious tuition. I’ve been most impressed by the teachers’ dedication and warmth – they are really committed to their students. You feel treated like an individual – even during large group classes – given personal pointers tailored to your standard and helped throughout to master these.

Georgie Humble

Many thanks to the students who trust us and attend our classes. We love sharing our tango with you all.