This week in our classes in London we are teaching changing dynamics in the dance. It is a very important ‘concept’, as it makes our tango much more exciting. Take all the fundamentals of tango (walking, ochos, half-giro, giro, etc…), play with dynamics and a world of limitless possibilities opens up.

So today we wanted to show you how you can play with the giro: depending on the music, you can do either a slower giro or a faster giro.

The thing about playing with dynamics is that our bodies and our embrace change when we pick up the pace. So we shot the video below to give you tips, for men and women, about how to lead and follow a slower vs. a faster giro.

1. A slower giro:


The dynamics in our dancing will always depend on the music. If the music is slow and you want to lead a slower giro, you need to make sure your intention and your impulse are slow. There is a sense suspension, and your embrace is soft and relaxed.


Ladies, when you feel that the man’s embrace is soft and relaxed in the giro, you know you can take your time. Make sure that you collect and that you stay connected to the music and to the leader’s embrace.

2. A faster giro:


If the music suggests a faster movement and you want to lead a quicker giro you need to change the intention: give a faster impulse, with more energy and open your shoulder faster. So the dissociation between the hips and the shoulder inviting to the giro will happen faster.


Ladies, as soon as you feel that the embrace has changed and that he is leading a faster giro, you need to pick up the dynamics. Remember, he is only on one leg in the giro (often he will be decorating with his free leg and we want to help him shine) so you are responsible for the stability and the power of the movement!

Because so much depends on you now, we have three tips for you to pick up the power on your faster giros:

1. Powerful side step

Often in milongas we see ladies who do beautiful giros but with very small side steps. If your side step is small, your giro can not be powerful. So keep pushing on these legs on the side step!

2. Go around the man

Remember that the man is only on one leg: if you go away from him, you will make him lose his balance. So when we are dancing the giro we need to make sure that we are pivoting enough to always go around him. Think that your foot is ‘chasing’ his shoulder.

3. Keep a firm frame in the embrace

In the giro it is easy to let the right arm become floppy. Yet it is exactly what we do NOT want, especially in a faster giro. Make sure you arm stays forward and present. Do not go into the opposite extreme and push, but activate.

If you want more tips about how to help the leader shine in the giro, check out this article

We hope this helps! Now we would love to hear from you. Are there any tips you want to share about changing dynamics, especially in the giros? Let us know in the comments section below.

Happy Wednesday and happy dancing!


Pablo & Anne

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