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Transitioning from Class to… Milonga – Not as scary as it sounds :-)

How do I use the tango movements I learn in class… in a milonga?!?  Do you find the transition between class and milonga a bit challenging sometimes…? Do you feel that you can manage in class, enjoy getting challenged and learning with all of your partners “on the same page”… and find yourself losing your […]

How to stay balanced when my partner is losing his/her balance?

Tango dancer…   You’ve worked hard! You’ve practiced a lot in class & practicas, taken technique workshops, even maybe invested time & money in private classes… You’ve worked on alignment & core muscles, have done countless projection exercises on your own to improve your balance… And now that you are finally stable in your dance… […]

Opposite Energies for connection in close embrace

Close embrace! Again! Yes, challenging, frustrating, but the journey is soooo worth it. Master the close embrace and: 1/ You get to dance the amazing, beautiful tango moves… while being **hugged** by your partner (tell me, what tops that?!?) 2/ You have muuuuch more possibilities to improvise, be creative, express yourself as you can switch […]

One tip for Better Balance in Tango

Tango Ladies Balance… soooo important in tango and yet soooo frustrating! Isn’t it?!? It took me years to be able to dance in close embrace without losing my balance (because I got ahead of myself and stopped going to close after six months, ahem, then spent a fortune on private lessons to compensate for lost […]

Playful dancing: tips to dance to the 4 main tango orchestras

Ever listened to tango music and thought…  “The dance is very beautiful, but really, I don’t understand the music”. ?? You are not alone.  A decade ago, I didn’t understand tango music at all. It was too serious, too complex, too different… and I didn’t understand how to play with it. Pablo, on the other hand, has lived and […]

Follower’s stability: 6 tips to keep your balance

Balance. Crucial in tango. And yet so hard to master… It took me years to find my tango balance. The excruciating part was that I came from the world of ballet, so I was supposed to be quite good at balancing. But there was something about the tango posture, the embrace, the fact that I […]

10 of our favorite tango performances of 2015

It’s incredible how so many dancers today capture our hearts with their musicality, power, precision, elegance, or creativity… But because 2015 deserves a round-up, we’ve selected here 10 of our favorite performances of the year. It’s been a heated debate, and after many long discussions, here are our final ten. Enjoy! Carlitos Espinoza y Noelia Hurtado – Maquillaje […]