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Secrets of Tango Balance: Achieve Flawless Back Pivoting (4 Tips For Leaders & Followers)

Struggling with balance during back pivots in tango? This video has 4 tips to help you find your center and maintain balance, whether you’re a leader or a follower. Being grounded is crucial for successful back pivoting in tango, and these tips will help you develop body awareness and correct alignment to improve your balance […]

2 Easy Ways To Change Directions When Dancing Socially (& What To Stop)

Dear Dancer, Here’s how Pablo has been spending his afternoons recently. Making some matte with the Yerba his mum sends him from Argentina. Sitting down at his computer… And speaking with many of you on zoom. Pretty cool, right? He’s been doing a series of one-to-one online sessions for our students registered to the Intensive […]