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Tango Christmas Q&A / How & Why We Started + Where We Purchase Clothes & Shoes

Tango Dancer, Merry Christmas! & thank you for a wonderful 2019 with you! We’ve been blessed with wonderful interactions with so many of you this year. Our goal is to create a community of dancer that is all about connection, friendliness and the willingness to take on the tango challenge. Thank you for being a […]

10 couples who inspired our dancing this year

Absolute greatest pleasure of life? Waking up, making coffee and watching videos of awesome tango performances that happened all over the world the night before… Wouldn’t you agree? I’m sure that throughout the year, dancers in Buenos Aires, Paris, HK, London… have inspired you….whether with the playfulness of their dancing, their presence on the dance floor or the quirky choreography.  […]

Your favorite dancer’s secret spice

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They look good, don’t they? And completely effortless… Ever wondered what makes your favorite dancers look so elegant, when their dancing seems incredibly simple? They don’t seem to be doing much, yet they are always musical. They look connected, and the lady dancing with them always has a smile on her face. And even when they […]

The eye contact that changed my dancing for ever

A lot is said about the cabeceo, but there’s one cabeceo that deserves more attention: the ‘cabeceo between men’: the eye contact leaders exchange before stepping onto the dance floor. And how followers can use it to feel more empowered in milongas. The cabeceo between men is a smooth way of entering the dance floor […]

Follower’s stability: 6 tips to keep your balance

Balance. Crucial in tango. And yet so hard to master… It took me years to find my tango balance. The excruciating part was that I came from the world of ballet, so I was supposed to be quite good at balancing. But there was something about the tango posture, the embrace, the fact that I […]