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How To Save 4 Years In Your Tango Learning Journey

Tango dancer, Frustrated with how long it is taking you to learn tango? Feeling like you’re never going to get it right, sometimes? Want to save time, and fast-track your tango learning journey? Ready to challenge yourself to make sure you don’t take bad habits, and learn how to dance well from the get-go? In […]

How To Walk Elegantly In The Tango Close Embrace

Dear Tango Dancer, Brand-new to tango and looking to master the tango fundamentals beautifully? Need a refresher on the tango walk? Or, are you an intermediate dancer who wants to improve the quality of your dancing in close embrace? Are you looking to stand out on the dance-floor and feel more relaxed in your dancing? […]

Fundamental Tango Movements

5 fundamental movements of Tango The 5 movements below are the 5 fundamental movements of tango dancing. Once you know them well, you can combine them to dance full tango songs. If you know these movements, you will be able to dance tango all over the world with any partner. The walk Walking from Tango […]

How To Dance Tango In Close Embrace: Do You Lean On Each Other?

Want to fast-track your learning and save 4 years in your tango learning journey? Trying to make your dancing smooth and fluid, and avoid taking bad habits? Eager to dance with the most experienced dancers in milongas? Then you really want to learn how to dance tango in close embrace from the get go…. In […]

3 Common Ocho Mistakes For Ladies… & How To Correct Them

Tango ladies, Fed up with losing your balance in your dancing? Do you sometimes get carried away and forget the fundamentals of your technique? Want to have more power, flexibility, and fun in your dancing? This video will help you nail your tango ochos so you can transform your dancing. Watch this video to learn: […]

How to do the cross with parada… with a flexible embrace

Hello tango dancer, Confused about how to go from close to open embrace and vice versa? Need clarity about the cross with parada? Need an extra idea to play with the music and add decorations to your dancing? In this video we will help you do the cross with parada, playing with a beautiful flexible […]

How to dance comfortably in close embrace when the leader is taller

advice from best dancers

**Tango Dancers** Are you finding it hard to dance in close embrace with tall leaders? Or are you a leader who is not sure about how to adapt your embrace to smaller partner? If yes, you are not alone 🙂 Sue asked us that question on Facebook last week – how do I dance in […]

10 good reasons to dance tango

Not sure whether you should start dancing tango?  We’ve compiled our 10 favorite reasons to start dancing today. And yes, there are even more! 1. The music Enter a milonga and the world vanishes… you’re swept into another era, when orchestras played all night the powerful and sophisticated rhythms of tango all night long. The […]