Tango Giro: Tango Turn With Sacada & Barrida (Steps)

Magnets… I grew up with dozens of magnets on the fridge’s door. Letters, holiday souvenirs, branded “gifts”… Did you have those too? We kept reordering them so they’d create new shapes. It was magical, the many combinations we could do… Tango is a bit like that. You take bits and pieces here and there, and […]

Tango Vals: A Useful “Cadena” Movement (Steps & Technique)

Dear tango dancer,  We realise that there is always a high demand for Tango Vals movements and we want to teach you a really cool one which we love! A Cadena is an elegant movement to add some flair to your dancing so in this video we’ll break it down for the leaders and the […]

Tango Movement: Change Dynamics With The Girada (Pivoting Turn)

Tango dancer, Let’s go in for a bit of fun this week, will you? We’d like to invite you to forget about technique and perfect posture, and instead simply go with the flow of the music. We sometimes see our students spend soooo much time wondering if they’re “getting it right” when dancing that they […]

Tango Walk: 5 Tips For A Beautiful Tango Walk (Leaders & Followers)

The Tango Walk! So beautiful and elegant. Do you remember your first class, when you discovered that there was *another way to walk*? And that it could be elegant, powerful and musical? Unfortunately it’s so easy to go beyond the walk, and think that it belongs to the beginners class. But when you do that, […]

Tango Leaders Technique, Giro Enrosque & Lapiz (Balance, Dissociation, Control)

Dear tango dancer, Technique exercises: Need them for your tango, don’t love them half the time. We knooooow. You’d rather dance with a partner, and feel that “OMG-I’m-flying” feeling that comes with a good tanda. But as a dancer you MUST practice and train on your own. Ask yourself: “How can I dance a movement […]

Tango Training: A Simple Exercise For Better Dissociation, Strength & Posture (At Home Practice)

Tango Dancer, “How can I practice if I don’t have a partner?” Ambitious tango students ask us variations of this question at least once a week. They assume that tango = partner dance = partner practice. No one ever told them that individual practice can be even more valuable for their tango journey. Did you […]

Tango Christmas Q&A / How & Why We Started + Where We Purchase Clothes & Shoes

Tango Dancer, Merry Christmas! & thank you for a wonderful 2019 with you! We’ve been blessed with wonderful interactions with so many of you this year. Our goal is to create a community of dancer that is all about connection, friendliness and the willingness to take on the tango challenge. Thank you for being a […]

Tango Pivots: 7 Tips For Balance In The Pivots (Tango Technique)

Dear dancer, For the end of 2019, let’s rewind a bit, will you? It’s Wednesday evening way back in 2013… I have just left a milonga, and instead of having that high I usually get from dancing, I feel insecure and frustrated. See, I’ve decided to improve my tango recently… so I’m careful about my […]