Lost in translation

When I arrived in the UK, I was very surprised that the men were called ‘leaders’ and the women ‘followers’. The thing is, this is a convenient translation but probably not the best one…  In Argentina, they say ‘hombre’ (man) and ‘mujer’ (woman). They don’t use the words ‘llevar’ (to lead) and ‘seguir’ (to follow) in the context […]

25th of May – One day like today in 1810

Today’s the 25th of May! It’s a major public holiday in Argentina: the Argentina Revolution Day or Dia de la revolucion de Mayo. It commemorates “all the events and major incidents in the history of Argentina leading to the May Revolution and the eventual independence of the country”. The May revolution was a first step towards independence, […]

Different dancing styles of tango

Morning all! Today we thought we’d go back to basics and discuss about the different styles of dancing. Every dancer develops their own style, and some are recognized worldwide for the distinct flavor they bring to tango. Yet, traditionally there are three dancing styles. Milonguero: The style Milonguero originates from the term milonga, social dancing. The […]

Tango orchestras…

If you want to improve your dancing, listen to a lot of music… so, as promised during last Musicality class, here are the four Orchestras to know about: Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Troilo and Pugliese.  We focused on these four orchestras because they are the most influential, but there are obviously plenty more. Below are some of their most famous songs, the ones […]

How Alexander technique can help tango dancers

“Every man, woman and child holds the possibility of physical perfection” F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) Freedom from tension is key in tango: for better connection, posture and alignment. Xiaosong Que is an Alexander Technique teacher and she tells us a bit more about how freedom in movement can help with tango. How can Alexander Technique help tango […]