Dear Dancer,

Picture this…

You’re at a milonga, dancing a tanda with a partner you’ve been dying to dance with for some time…

Yet, at some point, it feels like you can’t really connect…

You’re not sure if you’re communicating correctly, and your mind starts racing: is something wrong? Are we disconnected? Am I “getting it right”? 

If that has ever happened to you, we’d like to teach an important way to practice, so you are always connected when you are dancing, whether in close or embrace embrace. 

We’ll show you how to “practice correctly”, so that you can exchange energy in your embrace and communicate better.

This will help you better connect your movements with the changes of dynamics in the music, and followers have more power and be less passive in the dancing.

Click on this week’s video lesson to learn how to create a frame where the embrace is an extension of the chest, so you are 100% connected in the close and open embraces.

We hope it helps.

Thank you so much for watching!

Keep learning, and keep sharing your dancing, because the world of tango needs your embrace.

Much love,

Pablo & Anne