Our teaching comes from the heart

A story of love

Welcome to Tango Space. We come from a tradition of Argentine milongueros and are passionate about sharing our love for tango. We teach drop-in group classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday in Central London, and help out dancers with private tango classes. We also organise milongas and practicas.

Meet the team

Pablo Rodriguez
Resident Teacher

Pablo is an Argentinian dancer. He started dancing at the age of 18, following the steps of his grand-father. He started teaching in Argentina before teaching in Europe and travelling the world with the Malena show. He is based in London today where he performs, teaches and organises tango events.


Naomi West
Resident Teacher

Naomi is a well-rounded tango dancer who links her love for tango with her knowledge of body, arts and movement. She has been teaching tango in London for over 9 years. Her teaching style is unique: she never focuses on ‘sequences’ but rather on the the journey in-between the steps and the quality of connection created between two partners.

Anne Bertreau

Anne is a tango dancer and writer. She discovered tango while travelling around the world and since then her passion for the dance has brought her to Paris, Buenos Aires and London. Currently based in Paris, she writes regularly about tango technique, connection and music on the Tango-Space blog.

4 pillars of Tango Space