Dear dancer,

Oh, have we got a special treat for you today…

Look, tango dancer – there’s someone very special we’d like you to meet.

If you’re looking to understand the true essence of tango…

If you care about true connection, about the quality of your dancing, about musicality more than you care about steps…

Today, we have the pleasure to introduce you to Virginia Pandolfi.

You might already have heard about her.

She’s one the most brilliant tango stars of today. She’s danced all over the world – maybe she’s already visited your city?

She has been dancing & teaching for over 20 years, and, as a true milonguera, has developed a unique, authentic and musical dance.

What’s more, she’s an outstanding teacher!

She’s awed us whenever she came to London, we’ve sought out her teaching in Buenos Aires, and we’re so honored that she’s agreed to share her knowledge on our channel.

In this week’s video lesson, Virginia will teach you:

  • What the tango posture should feel like, so you are always keeping your balance while keeping a comfortable embrace
  • How to develop a walking style that is unique
  • How to practice your forward & back ochos to make sure

If you love it and want more, check out the unique festival Virginia organises: Mujercitas Tango Festival, coming up this month.

In it, some of the most outstanding female tango dancers of today share their tips and technique secrets to help you be more creative and elegant when you are dancing.

Use our promo code LONDON2021 to get a 10% discount (please note we’re not getting anything if you sign-up… but we’ll be there and hope you are too!)

We really hope this helps!

Keep learning, and keep sharing your dancing, because the world of tango needs your embrace.

Pablo & Anne


A special message from Virginia :

Dear Tanguera,

I am super excited to announce another edition of Mujercitas Tango Festival, online. We are celebrating the 11th edition of one of the most important festivals in the tango scene, specially dedicated to the female tango dancers.

The sad world circumstances once again bring us closer with the opportunity to offer a wide range of classes, from world-class teachers, directly to your home.

This year, we have some novelties that I believe you are going to like.

For example, after the class, you will receive a recording of the live session that will stay with you forever, never expiring.  You will be able to go back to it at anytime to refine your learning. From 26 to 29 of August, we have planned 6 classes a day, in English and Spanish on a recurrent schedule.

Maximize your learning by taking a class in the language you are most comfortable with or by doing it in both languages if that is your jam. I believe your tango library is going to get really interesting this year!

Don’t forget to register here: