Tango dancer,

When it comes to tango dancing, we’re all about slow and steady improvements.

Get 1% better every time your practice and at the end of the year that small increase will have made a BIG impact in your dancing.

So how do you apply the 1% better principle to tango?

It’s simple.

More than the steps, focus on the quality of your dancing.

If you’re looking for movement inspiration, all you have to do is do a quick search on out channel and you’ll get loads of new ideas.

But let us introduce an idea.

How about you look this week’s movement (a simple yet sophisticated parade step) and see how you can do it with your main focus on quality?

We know that if you’re here, you’re like us: always willing to improve your dancing…

So trust us on this one!

Head off to youtube and check out this week’s movement.

It’s fun, sensual, and a great move for milongas when the music is soft and melodic. A keeper!

Click on the video to learn:

  • This week’s simple yet sophisticated step to include a parada in your dancing
  • How ladies/followers can be truly connected in the dance and a common mistake to avoid
  • How to bring a flexible embrace to your tango dancing
  • And so much more…

We really hope it helps!


Pablo & Anne

PS: Worried you’re always using the same steps in your dancing? Not sure how to shake things up in a simple way? Looking for new movement inspiration?

In our free 3 Less Common Ways to Do the Parada Guide we show you 3 original movements that resolve with a parade… so you can expand the possibilities in your dancing and make sure your partners leave your embrace with a smile.

Click on this link to access it: https://freetangoclass.tango-space.co…

Are you ready to take your tango to the next level?


Improve the quality of your dancing with our online tango course:

5 steps to find power and elegance in the embrace


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