Close embrace!


Yes, challenging, frustrating, but the journey is soooo worth it.

Master the close embrace and:

1/ You get to dance the amazing, beautiful tango moves… while being **hugged** by your partner (tell me, what tops that?!?)

2/ You have muuuuch more possibilities to improvise, be creative, express yourself as you can switch from open to close embrace

3/ It’s super easy to dance in open embrace when you can dance in close embrace… but the contrary is not true!

So we recommend starting your tango journey learning how to dance in close embrace even if it is a bit more challenging…

Now, how to make the close embrace easy?

By working with Opposite Energies in the body.

For both the man & the woman, the lower part of your body wants to root down, whereas the upper part wants to go forward and towards your partner.

And you need to **Actively create and Feel** the opposition in your back…

The result? True connection! ‘Yummy-hug’ feeling.

We show you all that in the video below. We hope it is clear (not super easy to show facing the camera…) and that it helps!

Any comment, let us know! Much love, x Pablo & Anne

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