hey 🙂

When we first got started in our milonga journey, we felt sooooo overwhelmed by the faster rhythm.

And yes, learning how to dance it wasn’t always easy…

But once we got the hang of it, we started having SO much fun! 😂 

First, because we realised that it’s much easier than tango. 🔥

The milonga-specific steps are way simpler!

Also, because learning how to dance Milonga actually helped us become much better dancers…

Indeed, it taught us how to swiftly adapt our dancing when the music got faster. 🌟

What’s more, it made us meet other dancers in our community…

Why are we sharing this?


If you’re stressed about milonga dancing, remember… 

YES, you can still feel confident dancing it and make your tango nights much more fun. 

That’s why, in this week’s video lesson, we’re sharing 4 tips to help you feel more confident when dancing the Milonga tandas. 

many dancers prefer to skip the milonga tandas alltogther. 

But they’re missing out on SO MUCH fun! 

🎁 Do yourself a favor:

👉Study milonga once and for all, so you can transform your experience of dancing socially

We believe in your dancing so much. 

If we could learn how to dance it fluidly, we promise, you can too!

Big hugs,

Pablo & Anne

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