Musicality and Expression in the music.

What are musicality and decorations?
How do we architecture our movements to different parts of the music?

As a Dancer you are another instrument of the Orchestra.
Always you will dance depending of what the Music suggest.
hearing the chapters in the music.

How to dance with the Orchestra of Carlos Di Sarli and Juan D’arienzo?
How to be more musical in your dance?
How to dance to the phrases of the music?
How to choose which movements to do in each part of the music?
How to bring elegance and musicality in your Tango?

Each movement we do, we will do it with harmony, with the melody and the rhythm of the music.
The Carrousel (Calesita) Tango steps. walking in cross system.
Lineal movements with walking with the “Compas” beat of the Music.
Circular movements with violines or singers in the Music.
Beginning the movement with the phrase in the music and finishing the movement with the end of the phrase.
Followers has to be musical too and to connect with the phrases of the music.
Decorating with the music. The follower must not interfere with the lead.
Leaders give always time and space in the music.
The most important thing is that always you will dance with your heart.

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