Dear dancer,

Picture this.

You’re in London, on a Saturday afternoon.

It’s your first class with us.

You’re probably expecting us to ask you to start dancing, yet instead we ask you to….

…hug 2 people you don’t know…


Because if you can find the feeling of hugging when you go into the close embrace, then you can find the true essence of tango dancing.

But we know…

The close embrace can feel challenging at first.

Maybe you feel that you don’t have enough space in the embrace. Or you feel uncomfortable. Or you don’t know how go towards your partner without falling.

If you want to offer an embrace that feels amazing for your partners, then this week’s video lesson is for you.

In it, we teach you 3 special exercises we use in our classes to help our students find a fluid, comfortable and relaxed close embrace.

Join us to learn:

  • Exercise #1 will help you understand what intention means, how to use it in your body without losing your balance, so that you can keep a constant connection
  • Exercise #2 is designed to help you become more precise in how you’re communicating and following from the center of the chest
  • Exercise #3 will help you keep the physical connection so that you can walk and dance smoothly while offering a comfortable embrace to your partner

We hope it helps.

Thank you so much for watching!

Keep learning, and keep sharing your dancing, because the world of tango needs your embrace.

Much love,

Pablo & Anne