Aaaaaah tanguera,

So you’ve learnt about floor craft, you have taken the time to understand the rules, you make sure that you’re keeping you heels low on the floor… yet now you’re stuck in a tanda with a man who doesn’t seem to know about floor craft.

You two are zigzagging between lanes, you’re doing figure after figure on one spot, never following the flow of the ronda… and you, the woman – the ‘follower*’ – are stuck in this tanda and feel powerless…

Sounds familiar?

It’s frustrating, true, but rejoice! There is one trick women can do to influence the ‘leader*’ and keep the tanda in check…. and that’s simply putting limits. True, you can’t do much about the change of lane… But you can send a powerful signal by resisting some figures.


This will come as a shock for some of our students to whom we tell to let go and follow, but there is a moment where women need to have presence on the dance floor. This includes resisting the lead when some figures are not appropriate. Obviously we’re not telling you to stop dancing all together and leave the dance floor. Neither do we suggest that you stop following and start leading.

We mean sending a clear signal with your body that you consider this or that step off-limits. You keep dancing while slightly resisting the lead. Usually Men are very sensitive to this, and start dancing more quietly and musically – then the tanda can become very enjoyable…

Men, if you’ve never had a woman turn stiff in your hands, believe us: this is not a nice feeling…. Better keeping it smooth from the start!

Happy empowered dancing!


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