A technical post, for our students…

Of course, the main communication point between bodies is the center of our chests. But it’s not because our chests are touching that we connect (in fact, we can be in a close embrace and not be connected), and vice-versa. We can be in a tango Nuevo open embrace and be super connected.

The whole body

Chest-to-chest or not chest-to-chest, what matters is that the whole body is connected to our partner’s. The hands, the shoulders, the hips, the legs, the toes… They are all a part of our body and they are all as responsible for the connection. My big toe is connected to my partner’s chest, and to his big toe. So are my hips, and so is my neck.

Leading with the hands

Less experienced dancers who prefer an open embrace have a tendency to be disconnected, because in open embrace it becomes very easy to lead only with the hands and the elbows – then that is not connection because only of part of the bodies are connected. And it feels off for the partner who is dancing with us.

But as long as all parts of the bodies are connecting, open or close embrace, you’re free to go….

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