We are starting a new practica, every sunday afternoon in Holborn.

It’s a space to practice, learn and meet other dancers, so we want the atmosphere to be very relaxed. There isn’t anyone at the door charging people, we just ask for a financial contribution. ‘Gorra’ means ‘Hat’: there’s no hat, just a box, but you get the idea….

We are doing this because for both of us there has been a time when it was challenging, financially, to dance.

Between the milongas, the shoes, the classes, potentially the glass of wine…. sometimes it’s hard to just be able to show up. And we don’t want cost to be a barrier for the people who learn and dance with us. 

Then, there has been times when we weren’t financially challenged. 

And it was a pleasure to invite a dancer for a glass of wine, or pay for our best friend’s first tango classes… 

That’s what we are trying to recreate here: a kind of ‘cycle of love’ where those who can afford it pitch in for those who can’t, and the cycle evolves at time goes by. It’s a bit of an experiment.

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